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Those interested can apply and pay for permits online. Click the button to the right for online services, or download and print applications through the links below.

The Building and Zoning Department of Mauldin requires a permit:

  • Before starting construction of any new structure, addition or alteration to an existing structure.
  • Before adding, altering, or replacing any electrical, plumbing, or fuel gas distribution system.
  • Before adding or replacing any water heater, space heater, or air conditioning equipment.

Contractors performing any such work must be properly licensed, bonded, and insured, and must have the permit in hand prior to commencement of the work. All work must conform to the the International Building Codes as adopted by the State of South Carolina and the City of Mauldin. It is important homeowners use only properly licensed contractors with appropriate permits to protect their investment, avoid scam artists, insure that the work that they are paying for is done properly and safely.


Building Permit Amendment Application

Commercial Building Permit Application

Commercial Mechanical Permit Application

Deck Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Encroachment Permit Application

Floodplain Development Permit Application

Home Occupation BL Application

New Residential Construction Permit Application

Permanent Sign

Residential Addition/Accessory Permit Application

Roof Permit Application

Temporary Sign Application

Temporary Use Application

Trades Application

Zoning Permit Application

Local Hospitality Tax Return

Nonresident Contractor Business License Application


View the latest fee schedule for everything from Business and Development Services Department fees, zoning permit fees, residential site plan review fees, city board and commission review fees and more. Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, and credit cards.

View the Fee Schedule

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