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  • An application must be submitted to host events such as parades, walks, road races, demonstrations, protests, fairs, festivals, fundraisers, public gatherings, concerts, performances, etc.
  • The application must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days prior to your event start date.
  • Your application must be approved for your event to take place.
  • Applicable permit fees and rental rates may apply to your event.
  • Submitting an application does not ensure that you have booked services. To arrange services (i.e. securing trash receptacles, hiring security, closing streets, etc.), please contact the respective City of Mauldin Department.
  • Events where alcohol will be sold or consumed must comply with the City of Mauldin’s Alcohol Policy (more below).
  • Submission does not guarantee approval. The acceptance of your event application is at the sole discretion of the City of Mauldin.



Read each description below to determine who you should contact for the space you’d like to reserve.

For information about hosting an event at a public parksports fieldshelter, or pavilion, please contact:

Jessica Butler, Recreation
Email | 864.335.4860

Inquire about park facilities

For information about hosting an event at the Mauldin Cultural CenterMauldin Outdoor Amphitheater, or Mauldin Veterans Memorial please contact:

Christine Faust, Community Development
Email | 864.335.4862

For information about hosting an event at the other City-owned and non-City-owned property please contact:

Cindy Miller, Municipal Clerk
Email | 864.289.8894

Park Facility Rental Inquiries

Follow the link to inquire about renting a park facility. Mauldin Recreation Staff will contact you to confirm after you have submitted your information.


For events held on public property, you are required to obtain liability insurance that names you and the City of Mauldin as co-insured. This policy can be obtained through a private broker, or through the City of Mauldin’s TULIP website, as detailed below.

The City of Mauldin offers optional liability insurance for those utilizing public property for a special event. The Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) is a low-cost insurance policy that protects both the “tenant user” and the City of Mauldin. You may purchase this one-time, event-specific insurance online by following the directions below.

Insurance must be obtained before a special events application is approved. You can submit your application before you purchase insurance, but it will not be approved until proof of insurance is received.

For questions or assistance, please call the contact associated with your desired space.

Instructions for purchasing insurance through TULIP:

  1. Verify your event details including dates, times, type of event, expected attendance, etc.
  2. Visit this website:
  3. Type in the ID code for Mauldin: 0501-678. “City of Mauldin” should appear in the lower part of the screen, at which point you can advance in the process.
  4. Proceed to fill out the TULIP form filling in pertinent event details.
  5. You will be given a quote for your event insurance. You may then decide whether or not to purchase the policy through the TULIP website, or at this point you can also opt to reach out to a private broker on your own for additional quotes (although TULIP is almost always cheaper).
  6. Proceed to purchase the insurance, following the instructions on the website. After you are done, print out your confirmation and attach it to your Special Events Application for submission.


Alcohol service is permitted on City property, but only with the approval of an Alcohol Request Form and compliance with the City’s Alcohol Policy. Click the links below to read the Policy and download the Request Form. Be sure to contact the appropriate venue and/or City Department before submitting your request.

Requests must be made no fewer than ten (10) days before the date of the event. Submission does not guarantee approval. You must submit the request to the department that oversees the property on which you wish to host your event.

Most events much purchase Liability Insurance and name the City of Mauldin as co-insured. If your event is required to purchase an insurance policy, follow the steps above to purchase from our TULIP program. Class II, Class III, and Class IV events are required to purchase a policy, while Class I events may be required depending on the nature of the event (see the Alcohol Policy to determine which class your event falls under).



All applications may be mailed to:

City of Mauldin – Special Events
PO Box 249
Mauldin, SC 29662

For questions regarding the event application process or to submit your application via email, please select the proper City contact:

For information about hosting an event on City-owned Cultural Property:

Christine Faust, Community Development
Email | 864.335.4862

More on Cultural facilities

For information about hosting an event on City-owned Recreation Property:

Jessica Butler, Recreation
Email | 864.335.4860

Inquire about park facilities

For information about hosting an event on other City-owned and non-City-owned Property:

Julie Patton, Business License Facilitator
Email | 864.404.3293


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