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There is always something happening in the City of Mauldin. Get the most accurate and up-to-date information by contacting our team.

For All Media Inquiries:

Media Relations

Keira Heider
(864) 335-4862

City Administrator

Brandon Madden
(864) 289-8890

Interim Police Chief

George Miller
(864) 289-8961

Fire Chief

Brian McHone
(864) 289-8925

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The purpose of this policy is to set forth the procedures to be followed in responding to persons seeking access to public records, which are subject to the disclosure requirements of Section 30-4-50 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.

Verbal Freedom of Information Act Requests

Verbal FOIA requests shall be limited by section 30-4-30(d) to only the following public documents:

  1. Minutes of meetings of the public body for the preceding six months;
  2. All reports identified in section 30-4-50(A)(8) for at least the fourteen day period before the current day “which disclose the nature, substance, and location of any crime or alleged crime reported as having been committed. Where the report contains information exempt as otherwise provided by law, the law enforcement agency may delete that information from the report”; and
  3. Documents identifying persons confined for the three months prior to the current date in the City jail.

Verbal FOIA requests for the aforementioned information may be made to the Clerk to Council or the Mauldin Police Department records division between the hours of 9:30 am and 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday, excepting public holidays in accordance with section 30-4-30(a) of the Act. Copies of any such documents that are requested shall be charged based on the fee schedule contained herein.

Written Freedom of Information Act Requests

All written FOIA requests shall either be hand-delivered or sent by first class mail addressed to the City Administrator or his designee. No electronic mail or facsimiles shall be accepted. Requests which are estimated to require three or more hours of staff time for research shall be accompanied by a deposit no more than 25% of the reasonably anticipated cost for reproduction of these records. The balance must be paid at the time of production of the records.

The City Administrator or his designee shall, within ten business days of receipt of the written request, or twenty business days if the record is more than 24 months old, notify the person making such request of his determination of the availability of the specific record(s) or document(s) requested, and the estimated cost of assembling and copying the specific record(s) or document(s). Such determination shall constitute the final opinion of the City as to the public availability of the requested public record(s) or document(s).

If the requested public records or documents are available and are not exempt from disclosure pursuant to the provisions of section 30-4-40, the fee charged for assembling and copying the records or documents shall be as follows:

  1. Copies – $0.10 per letter size copy and $0.25 per legal size copy. Oversized copies shall be charged at the outsourced cost, including the prorated hourly wage of the lowest paid staff member who has the skills and training to fulfill the request calculated at half-hour increments, and mileage to and from the copying center. Copies of tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, or other electronic, optical, or magnetic media shall be charged at the cost of the media and the prorated hourly wage of the lowest paid staff member who has the skills and training to fulfill the request, calculated at half-hour increments.
  2. Research – the cost for researching and recovering records for copying shall be charged at the prorated hourly wage of the lowest paid staff member who has the skills and training to fulfill the request calculated at half-hour increments.
  3. Review – the cost for making records available for review shall be the prorated hourly rate of the lowest paid staff member who has the skills and training to fulfill the request at half-hour increments.

Information of a personal nature where the disclosure thereof would constitute unreasonable invasion of personal privacy is exempt from disclosure pursuant to section 30-4-40(a)(2) of the Code.



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