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Mauldin Recreation offers youth athletic programs sponsored by Academy Sports. We offer a variety of sports leagues for those interested in baseball, softball, football, basketball, Lacrosse, flag football, and cheerleading.

* Birth certificates required for all sports programs.


Spring Season:  February – May

Ages 4-14: Registration is January 1st – January 31st.

Age as of May 1st 2019 for Baseball. Age as of January 1st 2019 for Softball.

Registration Cost: $80 (in-city), $100 (out-of-city)

Fall Season:  September – October

Ages 4-12: Registration for 2019 TBD.

Ages 13-14: Registration for 2019 TBD.

Age as of September 1st of current year for Baseball. Age as of January 1st of current year for Softball.

Registration Cost: $75 (in-city), $95 (out-of-city)

Mauldin Miracle Baseball League

A baseball league for children with mental or physical disabilities.

Ages: 4-19


Season:  November – February

The Mauldin Basketball Program is an In-House League with around 30 teams participating each year. The program is offered for both girls and boys.

Ages 6-12, Co-ed: Registration is October 1st – October 31st.

Age as of September 1st.

Registration Cost: $55 (in-city), $75 (out-of-city)


Season:  August – October

Mauldin usually fields 10 Cheerleading squads.

Ages 6-14: Registration is May 1st – May 31st.

Registration Cost: $35 (in-city), $45 (out-of-city)

Flag Football

Season:  March – May

Ages 5-14: Registration is February 1st – 28th.

Age as of March 1st current year.

Registration Cost: $55 (in-city), $75 (out-of-city)

Football: Golden Strip Football League

Season:  July – October

Golden Strip Football League is Mauldin’s in-house league with all teams from Mauldin playing together. Mauldin usually has 16 teams participating.

Ages 6-12: Registration is June 5th – July 2nd

Registration Cost: $75 (in-city), $95 (out-of-city)


Season:  March – May

Boys and girls are welcome to register for Lacrosse, teams will be divided by gender.

Ages 8-14: Registration is January 1st – January 31st.

Registration Cost: $80 (in-city), $100 (out-of-city)


Season:  March – May

This program is designed to introduce the game of golf to families and children ages 5-14. The idea is for the kids learn and discover the game through play which takes place on the course. Children are put into groups of 4-6 players and the parents serve as caddies, guides, mentors and of course fans. The focus of the Team Series is on spending time together as a family, making new discoveries, and most importantly… having FUN!

Ages 5-14: Registration can be completed online through the link below.

Registration Cost: $75 per player


5-on-5 Basketball

Season:  March – April

Registration: February 1st – 28th

Cost: $310/team


Willie Stewart

Athletic Coordinator

Andre Clarke

Assistant Program & Athletic Coordinator


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