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The City of Mauldin is recruiting for its next Police Chief. Click the button for more information on the recruitment process, including public surveys and input meetings.


The mission of the Mauldin Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Mauldin by working cooperatively with the community to reduce the fear of crime and the occurrence of crime through joint crime prevention and reduction strategies.

The Mauldin Police Department’s vision is to become a model for excellence in the law enforcement profession, while always bearing in mind, that our ultimate responsibility is the protection of our community through a guardian mindset and the heart of a servant. All of our employees are expected to be leaders in initiating and maintaining positive relationships with members of our community. These community bonds will form a medium where public safety concerns can be anticipated and addressed.

The Mauldin Police Department is divided into three (3) major divisions and several subdivisions called units, teams, squads or sections. The major divisions consist of the Office of the Chief of Police (administrative), the Field Operations Division (patrol function), and the Support Division (detectives, school resource officers (SRO’s), communications, training, animal/codes enforcement, and reserve officers).


The Mauldin Police Department is an award-winning, valuable asset to the local community. The department is recognized for their outstanding work in DUI enforcement, traffic safety, and youth services.


SCPACC Certification


CALEA Certification


SC Law Enforcement Agency Silver Agency


SCPACC Certification


CALEA Certification


SCPACC Certification

AAAi of the Carolinas Traffic Safety Community

South Carolina Department of Public Safety:
DUI Agency of the Year


CALEA Certification

AAAi of the Carolinas Traffic Safety Community


South Carolina Department of Public Safety:
DUI Agency of the Year


South Carolina Department of Public Safety:
DUI Agency of the Year

AAA Carolina Motor Club Foundation for Traffic Safety:
City of Mauldin named Outstanding South Carolina Traffic Safe Community for the 5th year (2005-2010)


13th Circuit Alcohol Enforcement Team:
Mauldin Police Department recognized for excellent DUI Enforcement.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD):
Mauldin Police Department recognized for their efforts in DUI arrests.


Mauldin Police Department is dedicated to serving the City of Mauldin. Find information regarding the MPD’s strategic plan, internal affairs summary, alarm registration forms, and more below.


The Mauldin Police Department is currently conducting a survey to seek the opinions of victims of crime to assess the quality of services provided and make improvements that would be helpful to crime victims in our City. We are also conducting an ongoing survey for citizens to provide feedback on the Department’s service to the City of Mauldin.


The Police Department depends upon the hardworking and dedicated men and women who dutifully serve the City of Mauldin.

We have cultivated an atmosphere of inclusion and welcome new police officer applications, reserve officer applications or communications applicants.


Going above and beyond the traditional law enforcement role, the department is active within the community and engages youth in civil service.

Since the summer of 2008, the Mauldin Police Department has hosted a Youth Academy for boys and girls. The program allows students aged 11-14 to experience many aspects of a career in law enforcement. Daily workouts, tests, training, and evaluations assess a participant’s mental and physical endurance. Upon completion of the program, students are recognized before the Mauldin City Council for their achievements.



George Miller

George Miller

Interim Police Chief


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