Mauldin, SC, First City to Pilot New Citizen-Engagement App

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The City of Mauldin announced today they are piloting a brand-new mobile application (“App”) called “Mauldin Mobile”. Officially launched November 29th, the free app is designed to provide faster and better ways to communicate and connect with their citizens.

Through the app, the city can send alerts regarding important notices and community activity without the clutter of social media. The city can also promote upcoming events such as concerts, parades and sports registration to its over 24,000 citizens.

However, it’s much more than a push notification system from the city to residents. With the tap of a button, citizens can do such things as report suspicious activity, submit maintenance requests and request a property watch for a home or business. Camera, video and GPS locator functionality provide specific location data and a more accurate description of the reported activity. A city directory allows citizens to reply and communicate directly with local law enforcement and city staff.

“The one thing people don’t leave home without is their smart phone. We want to take advantage of the benefit of being able to communicate with our citizens at any place and time,” said Dennis Raines, Mayor of Mauldin. “We can get the message out faster and more targeted and in turn, our citizens can communicate to us more quickly and effectively.”

“Mauldin Mobile” also offers a property lockbox feature where residents can catalog information regarding their valuables and private property. If an item is stolen, all the information can transfer directly to a police report.

“Mauldin Mobile” was developed by Attis Industries Inc., through a subsidiary, under the trade name Bright City. Based on multiple meetings with city department leaders, the app was then customized to meet the specific needs of Mauldin.

“The City of Mauldin is always looking for innovative ways to collaborate with our citizens, to make them feel like they can truly engage with officials and staff,” said Mauldin City Council Member Taft Matney. When we heard that Bright City was looking for cutting-edge, forward-thinking cities to pilot, we jumped at the chance. We truly believe this will help encourage and expedite the flow of information between our city staff and our residents.”

The app works across all mobile platforms including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets and Windows phones. It’s available at no charge and can be downloaded on both iTunes and Google Play under the name “Mauldin Mobile.”

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About Bright City
Bright City is an all-in-one citizen engagement mobile application linking local governments with residents and businesses making for safer and more connected communities. The city that clicks together sticks together. Learn more at Bright City is an innovative technology developed and licensed by Mobile Science Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Attis Industries Inc.

About the City of Mauldin
The City of Mauldin is located in the Upstate of South Carolina and in the heart of Greenville County. It is the 17th largest city in South Carolina and one of the top ten fastest growing cities in the state. Mauldin was first chartered in 1820 and has grown to a population of an estimated 24,525. The City boasts over 25 acres of parks, highly certified fire and police departments, a growing arts and culture scene and much more. More information about Mauldin can be found online at

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