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Public Service Notice for Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

By June 15, 2018August 2nd, 2018No Comments

The City of Mauldin will be conducting sanitary sewer smoke test inspections within the city beginning June 18th and will be ongoing for approximately 3 weeks.

The testing program will assist our PW crews in locating breaks and/or defects in the city’s sewer system. A non-toxic smoke will be introduced into a manhole and forced down the sewer lines with the use of an air blower. Smoke may escape from the system at any point where there is an open break or deflect within the line. For example, smoke may rise from the ground in yards, stream banks, storm drains, etc. Smoke will also escape from underneath buildings if poor plumbing exists. Be advised that smoke can enter your home, office or place of business. Should smoke enter your building or home, open windows for ventilation and contact the crew working in the area.


The Smoke Is:


You Do Not have to be on site during testing!


It is advisable to pour a gallon of water into every sink, tub, and floor drain that is NOT subject to everyday use. This will fill the p-traps and prevent smoke from entering the building.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mauldin Public Works – (864) 289-8904

The following roads that will be included in the inspections are:

  1. Whatley Circle
  2. Owens Lane
  3. Peachtree Lane
  4. Maple Drive
  5. Crestwood Drive
  6. Thelma Drive
  7. Pinehurst Drive
  8. Lanier Lane
  9. Carlton Drive
  10. Ellen Lane
  11. Woodgreen Drive
  12. Longfield Street
  13. Medowood Drive
  14. Ashmore Bridge Road
  15. Adams Mill Road
  16. Briarstone Court
  17. Woodbend Court
  18. Bluestone Court
  19. Arrowood Court
  20. W. Golden Strip Drive
  21. Chelseabrook Court
  22. Stoneybrook Trail
  23. Willowbrook Lane
  24. Brooks Road
  25. Shawn Drive
  26. Wateroak Way
  27. Mucadine Drive
  28. Ashleybrook Courty
  29. Brandybrook Lane
  30. Hollibrook Court
  31. Jodibrook Court
  32. Circle Drive
  33. Whitestone Avenue
  34. Amberwood Lane
  35. Millcrest Lane
  36. Adams Manner Court
  37. Park Grove Drive
  38. Blossom Park Court
  39. Winery Court
  40. Peach Grove Place
  41. Napa Court
  42. Golden Crisp Court
  43. Chablis Court
  44. Belarbor Lane
  45. Knollvine CV
  46. Sonoma Drive
  47. Riesling Way
  48. Colombard Court
  49. Appleton
  50. Fowler Circle
  51. Kiwi Court
  52. Natchez Drive
  53. Nucrop Court
  54. Edmonston Court
  55. Cade Court
  56. Helena Way
  57. Marsh Creek Drive
  58. Bounty Court
  59. Gingham Court
  60. Leslie Court
  61. Tideland Court
  62. Harrow Court
  63. Fieldgate Court
  64. Croftstone Court
  65. Fairbounty Court
  66. Woodvine Way
  67. Youngers Court
  68. Groveview Trail
  69. Middleshare Drive
  70. Trailstream Drive
  71. Friendsplot CV
  72. Bethglen Court
  73. Manhassett Court
  74. Montauk Drive
  75. Bellport Drive
  76. Watch Hill Court
  77. Greenport Way
  78. Orient Drive
  79. Peconic Court
  80. Flanders Court
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