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Pop’s Cabin Creamery

By November 6, 2020March 12th, 2021No Comments

The Quick Details:

About The Project:

The cabin that Deas’ ice cream shop will occupy is in a quiet, gardenlike spot on the municipal campus. Since being moved to the city from Camp Old Indian in 2009, it has sat relatively unused year-round, except when the city opens it for The Mauldin Garden Club’s Spring in Bloom event and during the Cultural Center’s Christmas festivities. Beginning in early 2021, it will serve as the home of Pop’s Cabin Creamery.

Deas named the shop after the popular ice cream shop that his grandfather-in-law, Pop Dorsey, owned in Marion, South Carolina.

“My wife’s grandfather owned a small ice cream shop in Marion,” he said. “There was nothing to it. [It] was just a little shack, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who came to it just to get ice cream and hand-sliced cheese and all sorts of meats. I was always impressed every time I went, because he was just a part of the fabric of that community. People loved walking to that store, getting ice cream.”

Once open, Deas plans for the creamery to utilize the front windows on the cabin as ordering stations and to establish an order pick-up area where the door is now. Outside of the cabin, he wants to put tables and chairs out, and create an area for people to hang out on the Cultural Center grounds.

Pop’s Cabin Creamery will initially feature hand-dipped ice cream, which Deas hopes to get from Happy Cow. He may also eventually offer soft-serve ice cream for sundaes and possibly the Low Country Shrimper’s sweet puppies, which are hushpuppies with a honey glaze and cinnamon powder sugar.

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