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Mauldin Launches New Website Built By Engenius

By October 11, 2018No Comments

The City of Mauldin has launched a new look for their website. Built by Engenius, the new website prioritizes communication with the city’s residents. The website enables residents, businesses, and visitors to access information and services in an easy-to-navigate format.

The new website is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, giving people an easy way to book services from their local government. The front page features direct links to commonly-accessed pages of the website, including links to the Mauldin Sports Center, Mauldin Recreation athletics, the Mauldin Cultural Center, the Ray Hopkins Senior Center, trash pickup, and RFPs. Links to service requests, upcoming events, and recent city news are also visible on the front page. Additionally, the new website offers an improved user experience on mobile devices.

Engenius is a digital marketing agency based in Greenville that focuses on using straightforward strategies in digital marketing and web design. The company was founded in January, 2008, by CEO Chris Manley and Chase Finch. The pair applied new technology to long-held marketing principles to help local brands and small businesses grow their digital presence. Finch served as Creative Director for over seven years before charting his own course in the creation of new, world-changing software. Manley continues to grow Engenius and guide the company into the future. Learn more about Engenius at

Visit to view the new look.