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Mauldin Girls’ Police Youth Academy Begins

By July 29, 2019No Comments

Mauldin’s 12th Annual Girls’ Police Youth Academy began today, July 29th, with 18 female cadets signed up for this two-week course. While with the Academy, these cadets will learn good citizenship through education and law enforcement experience, all conducted in a military fashion. Cadets will participate in physical training each day, and each division of the Mauldin Police Department will offer instruction and equipment demonstrations to the cadets. This includes the MPD K-9 program, Tactical Warrant Team, Traffic Enforcement Team, Detective Division, and the dispatch center. The cadets will also have the opportunity to learn crime scene investigation techniques and work their own crime scenes.

The Academy also includes a day with the Mauldin Fire Department where cadets learn CPR, physical agility standards & First Aid skills. The cadets are required to maintain journals describing not only their daily activities but will broach topics in current events and law enforcement. Cadets enjoy several field trips during their time at the Academy as well.

Those interested in educational opportunities with the Mauldin Police Department can contact the Department at (864) 289-8900 or visit