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Greenlink Offers New Monthly Pass, Fare Cap, and More Features

By August 7, 2019No Comments

In conjunction with the route changes that went into effect July 1, Greenlink has also launched a new monthly pass product with the TouchPass ticketing system. Customers can now use the reloadable TouchPass smart card or the TouchPass smartphone app to purchase a 31-day unlimited ride pass for $50 (full fare); $42 (student/youth fare); or $25 (senior/Medicare/disability fare).

The Greenville Transit Authority is excited to offer this new fare product to customers, as riders have frequently requested this type of pass. The pass is expected to make the boarding process simpler by eliminating the need to purchase transfer tickets. A new Fare Cap policy has also been implemented for customers who are unable to pay for the 31-day pass up front.

With the Fare Cap, if a customer who cannot purchase a 31-day pass up front continues to use TouchPass to pay for individual trips, the system will cap the amount they spend at the 31-day pass price that they are eligible for. For example, if a full fare customer continues to pay $1.50 per trip and $0.50 per transfer, once they spend $50, they will not be charged for any additional rides within the calendar month. Learn more about fare capping by watching this short video.

Information on routes, fares, schedules, and more can be found at the Greenlink website.