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Take a magical journey with Aladdin at the Mauldin Cultural Center

By March 25, 2019No Comments

The Greenville Journal wrote a story about the Mauldin Youth Theatre’s upcoming production of Disney’s Aladdin, JR. Discover a “whole new world” with Aladdin and friends in this classic story. Audiences will be transported to colorful Agrabah to see Aladdin embark on a magical journey of discovery and excitement.

With new characters and songs, “Aladdin JR.” follows the story of Aladdin, a thief, who finds a magical lamp with the Genie who can grant wishes. On his adventure to impress Princess Jasmine, Aladdin learns the value of being true to himself.

Playing the role of Aladdin, 14-year-old Noah Alomar says his favorite scene is when Aladdin and his three friends—Babkak, Omar, and Kassim—are first introduced.

“It introduces how I’m a thief basically, and how I’m always running from the guards,” Alomar says. “It’s basically just a huge action scene, which is really fun to do.”

Alomar describes Aladdin as an exciting, courageous guy who lives life to the fullest. However, Aladdin struggles to be himself.

“There’s a lot of lines where Genie is talking to Aladdin like, ‘Just be yourself,’” he says. “Because I’m trying to hide myself from Jasmine. ‘Don’t be who they want you to be,’ [Genie says]. I feel like that’s a really powerful message to portray to the audience.”

Read the full article at the Greenville Journal.