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Mauldin Nationally Recognized as One of the Most Affordable Cities For Veteran Homebuyers

By October 1, 2020No Comments

Mauldin has been nationally recognized by LendEDU as one of the most affordable cities for veteran homebuyers. Analyzing the most up-to-date data on over 25,000 American cities, they looked for the 1,000 cities that have the highest proportions of veterans and active military members within their populations. These 1,000 cities were then ranked according to each one’s percentage of homes where the mortgage costs 30% or more of the household income. A lower percentage was more favorable.

Specifically, 8.68% of Mauldin’s population is comprised of veterans and active military members, and only 20.76% of the houses in Mauldin have a mortgage that costs 30% or more of the household income. These numbers ranked Mauldin #158 in the country and #3 in South Carolina.

While all 1,000 cities found in the report have proven to be great places for veterans and active military members to call home, the cities towards the top of the list, like Mauldin, are especially great in that regard because they have also proven to be incredibly affordable for veteran and active military homebuyers that are using a mortgage.

The full study is available here: