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Mauldin City Council Approves the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

By June 27, 2022No Comments

The City of Mauldin adopted its new budget for the upcoming fiscal year during a June 20 City Council meeting.  The new Fiscal Year 2023 (FY2023) Budget will not require a millage or tax increase for residents and supports future-focused investments in the City’s fundamental operations and infrastructure. The new fiscal year begins on July 1, 2022.

“Budgets are statements of priorities,” said City of Mauldin Mayor Terry Merritt. “And this Budget prioritizes the continued investment in the City’s workforce and capital initiatives as well our commitment to the economic prosperity and development in our community.”

As approved, the Budget totals $42,715,392 which is a 0.02% decrease from the FY2022 budget.  The 2023 Budget is balanced and serves as an efficient expenditure plan that considers future revenue growth, economic indicators and maintaining current service levels.

“This year’s budget facilitates the Council’s commitment to improving infrastructure and strategic reinvestments for our community,” said Finance & Police Committee Chairperson Michael Reynolds. “It’s no secret that our City is growing and it’s one of our goals to maintain our level of quality services to our residents in the most efficient, responsible way.”

Public Safety, Public Works and Capital Projects account for the majority (over 60%) of the City’s expenditures for the 2023 fiscal year. Council allocated over $1.7 million to enhance City-owned roads, sewer and stormwater systems.  Other highlights of the Budget include:

  • Funding for two side-loading trash trucks for continued transition to automated trash service
  • Continuation of the three-year City Police patrol fleet replacement program
  • Investment in existing City facilities and parks
  • Investment in City’s personnel, including increased staffing and an up to 3% merit-based raise

“Many thanks go out to the City staff for their incredible work on constructing the Budget and the City Council for its commitment to passing a balanced budget that meets the needs of our flourishing City,” said Mayor Terry Merritt.

For more information on the Budget, visit the City’s finance page at