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Mauldin City Council Approves the 2020 Budget

By June 21, 2019No Comments

During its June 17, 2019 meeting, the Mayor and City Council unanimously passed the City’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which commences on July 1, 2019.   The Fiscal Year 2020 budget makes significant investments in the City’s parks, recreation, and public safety operations, while also providing funding for the provision of public works related services. The Budget, which is balanced and does not increase the millage or tax rate, is reflective of the commitment from the Mayor, City Council and the City Administration to being fiscally disciplined and good stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars.

“As with any budget process, Council and the City’s leadership had to make some tough choices. Every year the City has to balance unlimited needs with a limited amount of resources” said Mayor Dennis Raines. “However, we are able to continue to make public safety, parks and recreation and infrastructure investments that help our communities continue to thrive without seeking additional revenues from the taxpayer.”

The 2020 Budget was balanced using the City’s available financial resources and did not tap into the City’s reserve funds.   Totaling $21.1 million dollars, the Budget will serve as an efficient expenditure plan for meeting the needs of the City’s residents through excellent service delivery, including initiatives to improve the City’s transportation and sewer infrastructure, enhancing the City’s park and recreational amenities and planning for future needs.

“The Budget is a truly balanced budget, and is a result of the hard work by City staff and leadership of City Council,” said Councilperson Carol King who also serves as the Chairperson of the Finance and Policy Committee. “We are committed to providing quality services to our residents, efficiently and effectively, and this budget shows that this can be accomplished without raising property taxes.”

The 2020 budget passed invests over $700,000 in City parks and recreational amenities, over $500,000 in public works related services and supports the City’s public safety operations. In his 2020 Budget transmittal letter to the Mayor and City Council, City Administrator Brandon Madden stated that as an organization and a community, we are committed to working together to make sure Mauldin is ready to meet the challenges of the future and continue to thrive as a growing, dynamic City.