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What is a rezoning?

Every piece of property in the City of Mauldin limits is assigned a zoning district. The zoning district dictates how a parcel of land may used and developed. City Council may approve the rezoning of a property from one zoning district to another after receiving a recommendation from the Planning Commission.

What is the rezoning process?

Before submitting a rezoning application, a property owner interested in rezoning their property should proceed as follows:

  1. First, have a pre-application meeting with City staff to discuss their intent for their property and to determine what zoning district is appropriate.  Additionally, City staff will orient the property to the appropriate procedures to follow.  To schedule this pre-application meeting, please contact the Business and Development Services Department at (864) 234-3475.
  2. Second, the applicant must schedule and conduct a neighborhood meeting at which they can explain to interested neighbors why they are applying for a rezoning and introduce their intent for their property.  This neighborhood meeting must follow various standards; City staff can help orient the application to the standards this meeting must follow.

After completing and filing a rezoning application (along with the required fees and attachments as noted on the form), the application will proceed as follows:

  1. City staff will review the application and advertise the request accordingly, including placing required signs on the property.
  2. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to review the application and provide a recommendation.
  3. The City Council will review the application and the recommendation of the Planning Commission.  In order for the rezoning to be approved, it the City Council must pass an ordinance to rezone the property at two separate readings of the ordinance.