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What is a rezoning?

Every piece of property in the City of Mauldin limits is assigned a zoning district. The zoning district dictates how a parcel of land may used and developed. A rezoning occurs when City Council approves the request of the property owner to change the zoning district from one type of zoning to another, based on the recommendation of the Planning Commission.

For example, a parcel may have a zoning district of “R-M” (Residential Multi-family), which only permits residential developments and associated uses, but the owner would like to open a restaurant on the property. This would require a rezoning to a zoning district that allows this commercial use, such as “C-1” (Commercial District).

What is the rezoning process?

After completing a rezoning application (along with the required fees and attachments as noted on the form), the property owner will go through several steps:

  1. First, the rezoning process will begin with a mandatory pre-application conference with staff to discuss the specifics of your proposed application and answer your questions on the process to follow.  To set up your pre-application conference, please contact the Business and Development Services Department at (864) 234-3475.
  2. Second, at your pre-application conference, staff will provide you with the city’s Planning Commission schedule that provides the application submittal deadline date and Planning Commission meeting date to start the review process.  Staff will also advise you of the requirement to hold a neighborhood meeting so that your neighbors can become familiar with your request before the Planning Commission meeting.
  3. Third, City staff will prepare a staff report summarizing the request along with a recommendation regarding the proposed change.  The city’s Planning Commission will review the staff report and hold a public hearing about the request, during which people for and against the proposed change may comment about it.  At the conclusion of the public hearing, the city’s Planning Commission will make a recommendation to City Council about the proposed change.
  4. Fourth, City Council will consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation and then decide whether to give first reading to an ordinance that would rezone the property.
  5. Fifth, during another meeting, City Council will decide whether to give final reading to the ordinance rezoning the property.  Generally, City Council will not have a substantive discussion about the request at this last meeting unless some issues were left unresolved during the first reading.